August 11th, 2011

Some blah blahs

I decided to start over at Livejournal and make a new one that will include both icons and fics and miscellaneous crap that I've sort of messily divided and really badly managed in two different journals (plus a DW that I haven't updated since APRIL and this IJ that I've ignored for quite a while). So, if anyone is interested, my new LJ home is mis_token, but my now-mostly-icons-house hybiscus and my fic-only nonskid are still 'active',they simply won't be updated ever again. I'm not sure either of them will be of your interest, because in my old ones there are mostly bandom fics and anime icons, with some Harry Potter here and there that I post on IJ anyway, and the new one will have bits of everything *herp derp*.

I seriously have TOO MUCH free time, but hopefully it'll be over soon because apparently I've scored a job *g* nothing too fancy, it's a sort of McDonald's, but better than vegetating at home like I did for the past year and a half (being constantly turned down was REALLY DEPRESSING).