December 1st, 2011

Oh hai,long time no see

How's it going?  I recently found a new part-time job,I started this Monday: unfortunately (or luckily?) it's temporary,I'm just substituting my pregnant cousin and honestly I don't have much to do for 4 hours,except dealing with miscellaneous bumf plus the occasional clients and phone calls (telephones and I don't have an idyllic relationship,so it's a challenge everytime). Except for using the computer a bit,I have no experience whatsover in the econimical aspects of an activity and every day I almost panic in fear of forgetting important stuff to do/send/remember my boss to do.

I also started a diet and in about a month I lost 5-6kg that boosted a bit of confidence in me to continue it,even though I'm lazy as hell and I'm not doing any physical activity,haha.

Why the heck am I not drawing and drabbling anymore? Because 1) I keep changing fandoms and 2) I have zero ideas. Once I'm a tad more settled with this job (that also leaves me all dizzy for the rest of the day -boredom and panic aren't a good mix) I might restart being creative again,hopefully.